About Suella

The Suella Shop first opened its doors in 196-- in downtown Covington, Louisiana. Back in the 60s, Covington was a very small town just an hour north of New Orleans. Most of the residents were old New Orleans families who had summer houses on the Bogue Fayala River or had decided to abandon city life for a more simple, slower pace. Ella Hadley, the current owners great-grandmother, and her best friend, Suzy Kehoe, were the first in town to open a women's boutique.. The Suella Shop! For the next 30 years, Ella and her daughter Kay would run the store and outfit all of the ladies of Covington! 

Mallory, the owner of Suella today, never got to experience The Suella Shop, but it only felt fitting for her to continue the family legacy in the same town were all of the magic took place 60 years ago!


So in 2017, Suella was reborn. 

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